Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answer to our most asked questions. If you can't find the answers to your questions here don't hesitate to contact us.

How long will it take you to find me a Cleaner?
2-5 days normally but this could be affected by where you live, the day/time you want, the number of hours and the type of tasks you want your Cleaner to do.

Will it be the same Cleaner every week?
Yes – unless she’s ill or on holiday. We offer a substitute cleaner service in these instances.

What jobs are the Cleaners prepared to do?
Cleaners are generally happy to do anything that is reasonable and/or safe and tasks can be changed each visit.

Can I specify the cleaning day or the specific times my Cleaner calls?
Yes – we will introduce a cleaner with availability on the day and time that you specify. If you want a fortnightly clean, you may not be able to specify the day as Cleaners tend to slot these jobs into existing schedules.

Who provides the equipment and cleaning materials?
Normally the Cleaner will use your cleaning materials and equipment. Should the Cleaner supply products and/or equipment, she will expect to be paid a higher rate.

Can I have a Cleaner once a fortnight or once a month?
The Cleaners we introduce are mainly looking for regular weekly work, we do, however, provide a fortnightly service. Spring and occasional cleans are also available but we do not offer end of tenancy cleans.

Will the Cleaner come in for an hour a day?
Unfortunately, It’s not worth their while to travel to and from your property just to earn an hour’s rate of pay which is why we offer fortnightly cleans. The minimum work session is two hours.

Do I need to be in when the Cleaner calls to perform her duties?
No, most people are working or use the time to do shopping, go to the gym etc. Our elderly and/or disabled clients tend to be home when their Cleaner cleans.

What do I do about my house keys?
As you are responsible for providing access to your property, you may choose to give a spare key to the Cleaner. We would recommend that you have a key safe discreetly placed on the property to which you can give the cleaner an access code.

Who pays the Cleaner?
You do. You pay the rate agreed with your Cleaner when the work is completed to your satisfaction.

What happens if I don't want the Cleaner to call because I am ill or on holiday?
There is NO OBLIGATION to pay your Cleaner if their services are not required. The Management Fee however is not refundable if this occurs.

What if I am not happy with the quality of the cleaning or ironing?
As the Cleaner is self-employed, she is responsible for correcting inferior work and you can withhold payment. Just let us know if you are not happy. Sometimes the cleaning standard of the Cleaner does not meet the expectations of the client. Please don’t wait and see if your Cleaner improves – let us know immediately. We can’t do anything about it if we don’t know there’s a problem.

Do you have insurance?
Yes – for both accidental damage to your property and public liability.

How do you vet the Cleaners?
The simple answer is very thoroughly! Each Cleaner is interviewed in their own home – there is no exception to this. By visiting the Cleaner in their own home we establish two important criteria.

  • The Cleaner’s own standard of cleaning – after all, their own home will say more about their cleaning standard than any reference can possibly say.
  • The Cleaner is who she says she is and she lives where she says she lives! We insist on two forms of proof of identity and proof of residence.

Should the Cleaner not already have a recent ‘Police Check’ or be registered with HMRC, we will provide the necessary forms for her to apply. We then follow up to ensure that she has been successful in her application. This eliminates applicants with criminal records and those not legally entitled to work in the UK.

As you can see, we do a lot of work before you even speak to a potential Cleaner.

NB, Not all cleaners in London have a DBS but all are entitled to work in the UK.

How much do you charge?
Enter your postcode for pricing in your area.

What is the minimum length of time I am committed to take your service?
Two months initially and one month’s written notice applies thereafter.

Why do I pay a Management Fee to you?

Most of our clients come to us, having had bad experiences in finding Cleaners themselves or because they are vulnerable and want to work with an ethical, caring company providing ‘Police Checked’ Cleaners..

Clients who have tried to source their own Cleaners frequently tell us of the problems they have had, e.g.: Cleaners not turning up for interview, not knowing WHO was turning up, reliability problems, quality of work, the Cleaner starting off well and then her work deteriorating, inability to contact Cleaners if they do not show up for work, Cleaners leaving the clients without informing the client, the list goes on and on.

We solve all of these problems through our rigorous vetting programme and always having quality cleaners on hand to fill breaches caused by illness, holidays or the cleaner leaving.

We shield you from any stress and hassle allowing you to have more free time, especially in the evening and/or weekends. It takes an incredible amount of time and effort to find good Cleaners.

Of course our fee has other uses, our office needs to operate and our office staff need to be paid and we also provide insurance cover in the unlikely event any of the Cleaners we introduce cause damage to you or your property (full terms available upon request).

Can I request a substitute cleaner when my cleaner is absent?

We will guarantee to provide a substitute cleaner for planned absences provided that we have had 10 working days’ notice.
We will undertake to cover absences of one clean provided that we have 48 hours’ notice.
We will guarantee to cover absences in excess of one clean (first week excluded) provided that we have 48 hours’ notice.
We will refund our fees pro-rate for any guaranteed period during which we are unable to introduce a substitute cleaner.

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