Choose when, where and how often you’d like to work to fit around your family and lifestyle

We only work for private householders, small offices, churches and medical practices and we would only offer you jobs that we would be happy to do ourselves.

The nature of the job is basically regular work on a part-time basis. Most of our clients want a trustworthy, reliable cleaner with a DBS certificate on a long-term basis. There are opportunities for one-off jobs too when you might need to earn a bit extra.

Our clients cover the spectrum from the independent elderly to busy professionals and we offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly cleaning. Some clients just want the normal clean – bathrooms, kitchen, hoover and dust but others want beds changed, ironing, window cleaning etc. You choose which clients you’d like to work for and the tasks that you’d be happy to do.

You will be able to build your jobs up over a few weeks up to a maximum of 20 hours to allow you to ease yourself into the new situation. The hourly rates for your area are available here.

If you live close to public transport, a car may not be necessary, but we find that cleaners with cars have better job choices. A mobile phone is essential for SMS and Whatsapp messaging to keep in contact with us and your clients.

For detailed information on how your benefits could be affected, please visit Working less than 16 hours weekly or Working 16 to 20 hours weekly.

Please visit our Cleaner FAQs for further information or call your local office.