I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the hard work and commitment Dawn Merrifield has shown over the last two and a half years. I would be more than happy to provide a reference for her…

Helen H. (Plymstock) ─ Helen H. (Plymstock)

Just wanted to thank you for sending Dawn to us. She’s doing a really good job … She’s such a lovely person too. We’re really pleased.

Miroulla C (Plymouth) ─ Miroulla C (Plymouth)

Trish is a very friendly and helpful lady. I had to change the date as I was due in hospital, but Trish switched with no problem.

Mo J (Plymouth) ─ Mo J (Plymouth)

Yes, everything is great.  Dawn is a good cleaner and we get along very well.

Maya O. (Plymouth) ─ Maya O. (Plymouth)

Paula’s been really good I can’t speak highly enough … she’s very keen and loyal and has a great work ethic.

Kerry L (Wembury) ─ Kerry L (Wembury)

Thank you for finding Maria for us. She is a godsend and a very good cleaner.

Mrs B. (Plymstock, PL9) ─ Mrs B. (Plymstock, PL9)

You have certainly introduced an excellent domestic cleaner. Annemarie is very thorough with a pleasant disposition. I hope she will be with us for a long time to come.

Mr Roger P. (Plympton, PL7) ─ Mr Roger P. (Plympton, PL7)

I’m over the moon with Maria. I’m due to have a major operation and I know that my house is going to be kept clean. It’s a big worry off my mind.

Mrs T. (Chaddlewood, PL7) ─ Mrs T. (Chaddlewood, PL7)

I am delighted with Ester. I hope that she found everything OK as I did her high standard of cleaning.

Mrs U. (Oreston, PL9) ─ Mrs U. (Oreston, PL9)

Sue is an amazing. I couldn’t cope without her.

Mrs P. F. (Plympton, PL7) ─ Mrs P. F. (Plympton, PL7)

Tina has done a superb job cleaning my home over the last year and I would like to thank you for providing me with a reliable, conscientious house cleaner.

Melanie D. (Hartley, PL3) ─ Melanie D. (Hartley, PL3)

I had been up since 5am and I worked until 7.30pm. I came home very tired with a bag of fish and chips and found the house gleaming and with fresh sheets on the bed. I can’t tell you how that made me feel.

Juliet T. (Plympton, PL7) ─ Juliet T. (Plympton, PL7)

I am very happy indeed with Nicola. She is eminently sensible and well organised and I’m always happy when I come home from work.

Margie B. (Peverell, PL2) ─ Margie B. (Peverell, PL2)

Both Judith and Jan are great. They work very hard and Jan has built up a super relationship with the boys as she sees them daily. Both keep me informed if they need to change hours or days and I have no complaints about their work. In fact Jan keeps the house spotless and I can’t believe the amount of ironing Judith can get through.

Rebecca H. (Peverell, PL2) ─ Rebecca H. (Peverell, PL2)

Maxine is the best, really reliable and totally trustworthy.

Michelle T. (Crownhill, PL5) ─ Michelle T. (Crownhill, PL5)

I really couldn’t be happier with my home cleaner Rela, it’s a great feeling to come home on a Friday knowing I’ll be walking into a lovely clean house, I should have done it months ago.

Angela A. (Crownhill, PL5) ─ Angela A. (Crownhill, PL5)

I’m very happy with Sarah, she’s very reliable and works like a demon when she’s here, and always asks if there’s anything extra she can do.

Kate S. (Crownhill, PL5) ─ Kate S. (Crownhill, PL5)

Mum has been ill for a few months now and she has decided that she can no longer cope at home. I would like to thank mum’s cleaner for all that she did to help her.

A. D. (The Hoe, PL1) ─ A. D. (The Hoe, PL1)

Katie is the best Domestic Cleaner I’ve ever had. She’s reliable and it’s a pleasure coming home after she’s been.

Emma H. (Greenbank, PL4) ─ Emma H. (Greenbank, PL4)

The service provided by you, and the care and attention which Mam brings to her work, is exemplary. I can say honestly that you are the best cleaning company I have ever engaged.

Rachel R. (Stoke, PL3) ─ Rachel R. (Stoke, PL3)

I am so grateful for all of the help that you and Donna have given my mother and I will recommend you to all of my friends and family.

John W. (Plympton, PL7) ─ John W. (Plympton, PL7)

I find your cleaning service to be so well run that I know my house is in safe hands when my cleaner comes. The company is a tribute to you.

Rachael W. (Hooe, PL9) ─ Rachael W. (Hooe, PL9)

I am so pleased in every way with my wonderful house cleaner Kai. You have matched her up with me beautifully and I am very grateful. It is making a huge difference to my health and life.

Mrs L.S. (Hartley, PL3) ─ Mrs L.S. (Hartley, PL3)

Rachel is doing fine…..the dog loves her and gets very excited to see her each week! She is very keen and has got her teeth into the challenge of our lifestyle. I’m afraid she will never make us totally tidy and organised but my husband has been shamed into at least making a start!

G.G. (Staddiscombe, PL9) ─ G.G. (Staddiscombe, PL9)

I want to thank you so much for my wonderful domestic cleaner. I am so lucky to have found you.

Mrs R.W. (Hartley PL3) ─ Mrs R.W. (Hartley PL3)

Everything about you and your cleaning company is professional and approachable. You really care about what you do.

─ Mrs B. (Eggbuckland, PL3)



Per Hour
(based on 2 hours per week)

Minimum of £9 goes to the cleaner



Per Hour
(based on 2 hours per week)

Minimum of £9 goes to the cleaner



Per Hour
(based on 2 hours per week)

Minimum of £10 goes to the cleaner

Please note cleaners may charge a higher rate for:

  • Providing products and/or equipment
  • Travelling to country or out of the way areas
  • Jobs in high use areas of your home only

Our team have been providing domestic home cleaners in Crownhill for many years, and during this time we have built a team of the most experienced home cleaners in the area. We provide cleaning services for busy professionals, local business and the elderly.

Our process is very simple, you let us know exactly what cleaning services you require, how often and we will endeavour to meet your requirements. The first step is coming to visit you in your home to discuss your needs, we can then complete a cleaning schedule and full costings for the cleaning services required.

Have you thought about the cleaning services you will require, and how often? We have done this for many years and understand that you may have many questions, but don’t worry – our experienced team are here to help you every step of the way.

Once we have got the formalities out of the way we will then provide you with your very own personal home cleaner. With the continued support of our head office, we will be available if your cleaner is unable to make it due to illness or holiday, and provide you with immediate cover.