Message to our valued current clients

We are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit good quality cleaners at the current rate of £8.50 per hour and this has been borne out by the National Living Wage being raised to £8.75 from £8.25 earlier this month.

We are painfully aware that we are all feeling the pinch at the moment but circumstances dictate that the Devon Offices recruit new cleaners at a minimum of £9 per hour from January 2018. 50p is quite a large jump but our many years of experience indicate that this is what it will take to ensure that we have top quality cleaners available for you as and when required.

Your current cleaner may ask for an increase as the living wage has been widely reported in the press. She/he may also be offered new clients at £9 an hour during 2018. You have the right to refuse any increase but please bear in mind that should you need a replacement cleaner either permanently or whilst your regular cleaner is away, the replacement cleaner may charge £9.

You may, if you so choose, voluntarily decide to increase your cleaner’s rate.

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